Colon Hydrotherapy


Let’s have a look at the gunk in your trunk!

Your colon.

It is the unforgiven organ performing the least attractive process within your inner universe: the formation and expulsion of solid waste from your body.
Stagnation in this dark chamber encourages a brood of misdemeanors. Left unattended, the slumbering mass breeds toxic side effects not always obvious to the senses of the waking mind.
Bound to the underbelly of creation, the effulgent slime stews and reconstitutes itself into a mass of fecal reductions that merge into the physical unconscious, engraining itself into the muscular nerve of time.
Tableaus of the mind antithetical to the highest human endeavor infiltrate and take up residence in the gut – a playground for good and evil – a holy mess of the devil in need of enlightenment.
The colon is often not up to the task … for many it is left weak, sluggish and in pain, functioning minimally, impacted with forgotten memories calcified into its deepest crevices for decades.
It yearns for relief, and relieved it shall be. Renewed by gentle waters guided by infusions of knowing kindness flowing into a healing mecca within you, a new you becomes …, a new inner twirling of reverberances transforming your alignment with the divine.
Come to me, a portal to the one you can trust. Give yourself into my hands – one who is well acquainted with the subtle movements, whether wave or wand.
I know, after administering over six thousand colonics, the hidden path to a healing saturation is in its guided duration; and with the saturation comes the promise of release.
The choice then lies in your commitment to the promise and the process. Never fear nor wander.
The answer is here. With me… Sabine