About Sabine Satie

For over 3 decades Sabine has been a health care practitioner, working on three continents.

She has administered over 3000 colonics.

Her German upbringing and training in the USA, England and Germany have made her a well-rounded therapist.

Also called a Colon Intuitive, Sabine connects with your body, digestive system and habits in more than just the physical way.

” I truly love to offer deep connection to my entrusted clients: turning their attention inward, trusting their senses, what messages of medicine their bodies offer and tapping into the stories of old encoding being harbored in their gut.

There is so much joy in facilitating the softening and releasing of long-held beliefs, that manifest in a huge amount of stuck fecal matter, bright toxins, mucus, or candida.

It is very satisfying to see all that stored harmful residual leave a system and help it along to regain a new blueprint of becoming”

” My own process of clearing decades of skin acne through intensive colon hydrotherapy, changing my food intake and an ever constant turning inward to look at the energies that drive my make-up, has changed my life.

The digestive tract is still my sensitive “barometer” of how well I take care of myself. It is always showing up as a gauge to hold me accountable for my well-being and I honor it that way.”

There is greater good to be found in tending to your core.

Welcoming anyone who is ready to turn their health story around.


We moved January 2023:

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Colon Hydrotherapy


Let’s have a look at the gunk in your trunk!

Your colon.

It is the unforgiven organ performing the least attractive process within your inner universe: the formation and expulsion of solid waste from your body.
Stagnation in this dark chamber encourages a brood of misdemeanors. Left unattended, the slumbering mass breeds toxic side effects not always obvious to the senses of the waking mind.
Bound to the underbelly of creation, the effulgent slime stews and reconstitutes itself into a mass of fecal reductions that merge into the physical unconscious, engraining itself into the muscular nerve of time.
Tableaus of the mind antithetical to the highest human endeavor infiltrate and take up residence in the gut – a playground for good and evil – a holy mess of the devil in need of enlightenment.
The colon is often not up to the task … for many it is left weak, sluggish and in pain, functioning minimally, impacted with forgotten memories calcified into its deepest crevices for decades.
It yearns for relief, and relieved it shall be. Renewed by gentle waters guided by infusions of knowing kindness flowing into a healing mecca within you, a new you becomes …, a new inner twirling of reverberances transforming your alignment with the divine.
Come to me, a portal to the one you can trust. Give yourself into my hands – one who is well acquainted with the subtle movements, whether wave or wand.
I know, after administering over six thousand colonics, the hidden path to a healing saturation is in its guided duration; and with the saturation comes the promise of release.
The choice then lies in your commitment to the promise and the process. Never fear nor wander.
The answer is here. With me… Sabine


Single sessions are available only on an exceptional basis or for established patients and run at $120,-. 

What is included in each session:

  • Complete Colon Irrigation,

meaning we get ALL the way around and bathe the whole colon as many time as it needs for that day.

  • Dietary guidance

We will look at your eating habits, possible allergies and how you can get the foods and nutrition you need.

Taking gentle and vital baby steps towards you feeling GREAT.

  • Body work

My deep intuitive alignment with your colon will lead to massaging and moving it,

in just the places it needs help and encouragement.

What it CAN include:

  • life coaching
  • emotional release
  • energy re-moving techniques

Call in for a free 15 min consult


to schedule an appointment:

(720) 937 8282



What is colon hydrotherapy?

It is the gentle infusion of your large intestine with warm water.

You are connected to two different hoses on the outside part of the speculum, which has been inserted. All smell is contained this way.

One hose is for clean water slowly flowing in, the second hose is for the waste to come out. You will be able to see what leaves you.

The water will have time to saturate until the waste can release itself. There are several fills in a session with periods integration. What moves out can be seen in an illuminated tube.

I have found the closed system the most consistent and effective way to bathe the colon, with fills saturating the whole length of the encrusted colon wall.

This is the only system in use at my clinic.


What others say about me:  

Tyler Selby
Tyler Selby
Sabine is absolutely amazing. A beautiful soul with an incredible art for what she does. For years I had gut issues and with the help of Sabine I now feel better than I ever have. She is truly a colon whisperer. She has an amazing gift that can heal you from the inside out. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has many great techniques and advice that cannot only help you with gut issues, but also with dietary and health advice as well. It is amazing how much I have learned from her, and how much better my body feels. I am forever grateful for Sabine and I'm so glad I found her. 💞🙏🏻 - Audrey Selby
Alessandra Azcarraga
Alessandra Azcarraga
Sabine Satie is a colonic “ Wizard “. I am eternally grateful for her highly professional skills, holding space as I was working the deep layers of emotions stuck in my guts for decades, as she patiently and lovingly was dearmoring my guts layer by layer and clearing pathways. After a year of 2 to 3 times a week, I got rid of my chronic constipation and inflamation issues, my processing and evacuation is regular after each meal and most of all I have reconnected with sensations in my belly and communication with my guts in relation to emotions. It has been a long healing journey and an amazing initiation and accompaniment by one of the most gifted practitioner in that field. I would highly recommend Sabine to anyone and in particular to anyone ready to do deep inner work.
gena dells
gena dells
Beyond amazed!
Dr. Marissa Castello
Dr. Marissa Castello
Like all the other reviewers, I found Sabine to be calming and so knowledgeable in her craft. This experience was nothing short of life-changing and I’m feeling so much better.
Julia Robar
Julia Robar
Sabine is AMAZING. I loved my experience with her. She is truly gifted at her craft ~ she is deeply intuitive and knows how to hold space. She pays close attention to your health history and knows exactly what to do to allow your body to release. After the treatment I felt light, clear, and like I was back to myself. I scheduled sessions out for the next few months because I feel so good I want to keep it going !
Natalie Mal
Natalie Mal
Reclaiming your health is a noble journey. And Sabine has been more than a guide along the way. I highly recommend her, without a question. Sabine’s sessions were professional, intuitive, and soul-rejuvenating. She cultivates an incredibly safe environment for colon hydrotherapy, and she is there with you every step of the way. In the two months I got to work with Sabine, I felt the fog lift from my mind, the heaviness lift from my soul, and the toxic weight shed from my gut. Sabine’s sessions are also worth the commitment over time, especially since the built up toxins polluting us have most often been accumulating for years. I can truly say that I feel touched and moved, as I feel more like myself than I have in over a decade thanks to this therapy and Sabine. I feel as though I have woken up from a deep slumber. My energy has returned, and I have figured out what it was in my gut that was preventing me from full health and vitality. I also have been noticing the positive impact carrying over into my work and relationships as my clarity has increased. While Sabine guided me, I also stepped up for myself by making the necessary dietary changes and taking care of myself along the way. I will absolutely be back for more sessions!
Tami Jones
Tami Jones
Sabine is a beautiful soul and is so gentle and caring! This was my first experience getting colon hydrotherapy and she made me feel at ease from the moment I met her! She is so wise when it comes to nutrition as well and tries to help you figure out the root (lol get it root) of what could be causing your digestion issues. She makes herself available via text and phone if you have any questions and is genuinely concerned for your well being and health!! I highly recommend her!!
Sarah Hawley MA
Sarah Hawley MA
I’ve had many colonics in my life but Sabine is beyond a colonic therapist. She is amazing, intuitive, professional, knowledgeable, and I released on a level I never knew possible. Just go. You’ll be glad you did.
Heni Kovács
Heni Kovács
Sabine is amazing! She has such an intuitive knowledge of the body and after having several sessions, I trust her fully. I came with a very special intention for what I wanted to get out of the sessions and I received exactly what I needed. Thank you ❤️
Georgia Brown
Georgia Brown
Thanks to Sabine I am finally feeling myself again. After working with her for four months my digestion and elimination process is a lot better.

Is this a closed system?


Why get colonics? 

Why shower?

Think about it…we are so clean with our outside body. And so neglectful of the inside body.

Yet the colon is the organ doing the dirties job. It was designed that way.

But it was not designed for fast eating, processed food, hardly any veggies, long periods of sitting and high stress levels.

The distortion of the intestines through gas giving eating habits, consumption of processed foods and high amounts of debilitating sugar has left many pounds of highly inflammatory residue layering the colon wall, in addition to creating pockets of accumulation.

All that sludge turns into a seeping sewage that affects the bloodstream and therefore every cell of your body. Not only that, even the emotional body is highly affected by it and depends on a clear channel of elimination to flow properly through a system and not get stuck in it.

With all that toxic layering and thinning of the porous colon wall through many pounds of fecal matter sitting there for years, would it not make sense to give your colon gentle showers or saturating baths to soften the hardened surfaces, layer by layer and help it move out.

It sure does not belong in you more than 24hours.

Is it painful?

 Depending on how much gas is trapped in your colon there can be some discomfort. And I will work gently around the obstacles to move them out of the way.

Please follow advice to start combining your foods in a way they will not make you gassy. Read more below, or go here on that topic.

I am always bloated, no matter what I eat. Can colonics help?

When gas is a constant companion, one you’d rather travel without, the gut chemistry has been compromised. Parasitical activities and in a lot of cases an infestation of yeast overgrowth, called candida can be present.
Symptoms of candidiasis can be widespread, from bloating and distention to bowel irregularities, chronic fatigue, cystic acne and other skin rashes, and brain fog, to feeling low on the emotional totem pole.

The candida diet, generally speaking, removes all sources of flour, sugar, and yeast from your diet and encourages lean proteins, nonstarchy vegetables, and healthy fats, as well as several supplements to encourage the process. Doing so staves off yeast overgrowth.

Rinsing the colon of the yeast colonies within becomes essential in the process of eliminating the brood.

How big is that speculum?

It is about the size of a big thumb.
I lubricate it with skin friendly massage oils of apricot and almond oils, place it and you will guide it in.

I heard it takes away the good flora too?

Good flora is produced by the inner intestinal tissues. Together with the mucosal layer it creates the Gut Biome, which acts as an atmospheric layer of exchange between the digested waste particles (the food you ate) on a constant basis. This exchange of different bacterias from established substances of your gut content and your very own bodies chemistry is ongoing and has a very unique imprint, like your finger print by being You.

The appendix located at the very beginning of your large intestine acts as fort within. It not only houses good bacteria but sends out gut-scouts and gut-guards to check out the situation and if needed send out more good bacteria.

The whole intestine, including the appendix gets layered and interfered with through feces that does not get eliminated. Layer upon layer it cakes up the gut biome and intestinal wall.

Add to that equation medication, drugs, stress and the processed foods and sugars you eat.

In the softening of the hardened layers of fecal matter in your gut, the old putrefied content moves out of the system, leaving the gut biome with a fresher start to manufacture a new exchange of gut flora. It will always produce to the best of its ability and to the best of it’s own quality.

The more of the old bacteria festered within the built-up fecal matter gets removed, the better the chances of creating a healthier chemistry. For optimal functioning all old sludge needs to be moved out of the system. That way the biome brims with lively bacteria.

My skin has been breaking out for years. Does this help?

The skin is our largest eliminatory organ. When your intestines are overloaded with fecal residue the body will try to move it out somehow. Into blood stream, the lymph system, joints or out to the pores.

Basically your skin is doing the pooping your colon can’t do.
Ergo cleaning the gut means skin rashes, skin eruptions, adult acne completely receding.

Why I won’t see you for one session only ?

When you start the process of softening the incredible amount of layered excrement in your gut we are waking up the demons that have been residing in there for decades! Their cells are made of toxins.

Toxins moving inside your system, rather than away from you, are creating unwanted effects of detox.

To avoid these one treatment is not enough. 3 sessions close together will guarantee the surfacing poisons to leave the system rather than recirculating and creating havoc.

How to prepare for colon hydrotherapy?

There are many ways you can prep for a series of detoxifying colonics.

If you are not on some juice, raw food, herbal or other cleanse already, sticking to a wholesome diet can be the ticket.

Drink PLENTY of water before you eat is #1.

A Gallon a day keeps the doctors away.

Stay away from all sugars.

Especially refined sugar. It is highly acidic and act like cutting thorns on your insides. Ergo inflammation, heat, extra mucous.

Stop snacking

Have regular meals consistently. Don’t skip a meal. Your body will want the energy input and you’ll fill the void with whatever is at hand. this will through your metabolism off.

Avoid Cow’s milk and Dairy

It is a large molecule highly pasteurized fat. Hard to digest. And acts like taffy in your system. Slowing all processes down.

Eat only whole foods

Substituting breakfast with a coconut shake is an option.

Made from young coconut meat, -water, spirulina, lime, 1 date is an all protein and micronutrient meal and one of my favorite ways to start the day.

Avoid beans and lentils. They are flatulence producers by their very nature. You do not want to create extra air,  especially during colonics. It is the one thing making colon hydrotherapy an uncomfortable experience.

So stay away from those legumes, peanuts included. Start to combine your foods in a way they digest completely. Have your protein and carbs with plenty of veggies. Eat fruit separate or before your meals.

You can also follow proper food combining. That way foods will produce no gas, aka complete digestive break-down ergo complete nutrition absorption.

Are there Contra-indicators to getting colon-hydrotherapy?

 Colonics should not be administered to any person with diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, severe or internal hemorrhoids or tumors in the rectum or colon, or soon after bowel surgery.